Compared to other popular casino games, Poker Games require more skills and commitment to the craft. As one saying says, it takes a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master it. In this guide, we take a look at its main objectives and the basic rules to get started. Learning the lingo like pot limit, poker hand, and different variants puts you in a position to fully enjoy or even win potential real money from this popular casino offering.

Most Popular Poker Games Variants

Most licensed casinos today feature Poker Games in their growing portfolio. However, not all of these websites offer the same range of games. If you’re looking for a site where you can play free poker or for real money, it’s best to cover the online poker portfolio. You’ll find several popular Poker Games variants and these often vary in terms of the number of decks used, betting rounds, and betting limits. Here’s a look at the most popular Poker Games variants you can play in most Philippines casinos.

Most Popular Poker Games Variants

Texas Hold’em

Poker sites aren’t considered complete without listing Texas Hold’em Poker on its portfolio. In this real money card game, there are a few key details that you should consider before you participate in an online poker game. At the start of the game, you’re dealt with two cards for your eyes online.

The casino dealer then spreads five cards, three at once, and then one and another one, which are all available to the players on the table to create the best hand. Before and after a player reveals the card,  a betting round happens. To stay in play, all players must put the same amount of chips on the pot. At the end of the betting rounds, the best online poker hand wins the game.


This is a popular poker game that works like Texas Hold’em Poker. It’s also a community cards poker game where each player receives four cards. From here, they use two and get three out of the five community cards to create the best hand. The game’s history varies but according to one record, this game was introduced by Robert Turner to a Las Vegas Casino. As one of the most played Poker Games, Omaha is available in different formats.

The format often varies in terms of the allowable bets you can play in the poker game. Of the different Poker Games formats, the most popular are Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, No Limit, and the Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo. If you have a higher risk level and want to bet big, then you may want to consider the No Limit format.

7-Card Stud

This is a traditional poker game that requires some skills and commitment. In seven-card stud, a player is dealt with seven cards but only the best five-card hand is used to find the winner. Compared to Omaha and Texas Hold’em Poker, seven-card stud requires a limit betting structure wherein players participate in fixed increments of bets. For example, you may bet in increments of $2 in a betting round. Also, you can rely on the same set of betting actions. Poker players fold, check, bet, call, or raise. The player’s decision eventually depends on the actions of the previous poker players on the table.

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5-Card Draw

If you’re looking for an easy poker game to play, then 5-Card Draw is highly recommended. Here, your objective is to create the best five-card hand after one draw. In this variant, a player is dealt with five hidden hole cards. The player after the big blind can decide whether to fold, call, or raise. The Poker Games action proceeds clockwise around the table until a round of betting is complete.

After the completion of the betting round, a draw happens. Here, a player selects a card (if any) that he wants to discard. Discarding of the card happens clockwise. After the initial draw, there’s another round of betting, starting with the player from the left of the button.

Chinese Poker

For players looking for easy Poker Games to play, then Chinese Poker is worth a try. It’s best for beginners since you just need a basic understanding of the rules and appreciation of poker game hand rankings. In this poker game variant, a player receives a 13-card hand from a deck of cards. A player then divides the cards into three poker hands or settings, with two featuring five cards (middle and back). The rest containing three cards. After setting the hands, each player then announces clockwise if they are playing their hand. Also, all participating poker players will announce their royalties before unveiling the cards.

Other popular poker games

If you compare many Philippine casinos, you’ll find a few more Poker Games you can enjoy in real money mode. In many online poker sites, you’ll also find the Razz, Badugi, and interpretations of different variants. Razz is similar to the Seven Card Stud as it requires seven cards and is played for low only. In this variant, the best Ace to Five lower poker hand wins the game.

Badugi, on the other hand, has some Asian influences and shares some similarities with Lowball. As such, the lowest hand in this online poker variant wins the pot. Also, you will find other Poker Games variants and formats like Omaha in Hi and Lo and Single and Triple Draw.

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Which Poker Game is the Best for You?

As you can see, Poker Games are offered in a wide range of formats and styles. They’re still the same games under one umbrella, and they often vary in the number of cards used, betting rounds, and bets. If you register in a premium online poker casino, you will also encounter Poker Games that you can play live in real-time against professional dealers. These real money games are often designed by popular vendors like Ezugi and Evolution. In the end, the choice is subjective depending on your risk and skill level.

Based on this review, beginners can start with Chinese Poker. Or if you’re after convenience, Texas Hold’em Poker is the way to go since it’s carried by most online poker sites. And if you want to have flexibility in terms of bets, then Omaha limit games are best.


Poker Games are popular offerings in top Philippine casinos for several reasons. One, they’re available in different variants and formats thus can work for a diverse set of players. You’ll find some Poker Games that are best for beginners and a few formats that can work for enthusiasts and VIP players. There’s an option to play free poker too.  Two, they’re challenging and require an understanding of the rules and decision-making skills even after the first round of betting.

And three, playing Poker Games can be highly competitive particularly when played in tournaments. If you just pick the right game and play poker and your cards right, these can offer you a huge payout potential!